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Meet My Dog Cocoa

We rescued our Lab/Pit mix girl in the spring of 2009. She is a big lover, but a little trouble maker. Most of my neighbors know he because she likes to wander. Cocoa has a tendency to open our sliding glass door to let herself out. Last summer, she also mastered opening the screen door. One summer day, our neighbors across the street found her one of their upstairs bedrooms playing with their dog. She had opened their screen and let herself inside their house! Yes, so she is a stinker.

Yesterday, she opened the lid to our recycling bin and pulled out this bottle. She popped the lid off to get at the good stuff. I guess Sesame Ginger is her favorite Health By Juli flavor! She likes it because it's sweet and spicy. We source local honey from Frankfort, Illinois. Since we will not use any soy products, we use Coconut Aminos instead. Then, you can't forget the hand squeezed lime juice, fresh garlic or the hand peeled fresh ginger. Enjoy!

Please disregard her long nails! She is past due for a mani pedi! lol

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