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Who is Juli?

 I am a self trained gourmet cook specializing in whole food with bold flavors.  I also have a background in natural health.  I am certified in Reflexology, Wellness and Detoxification, Nutrition, Clinical Aromatherapy, Manual Lymph Drainage, Homeopathy, Advanced Herbology, and Iridology.  I am also a Reiki Master, animal lover, organic gardener, mother, grandmother and wife. 

I have always wanted to pull my passion for food and natural health together.

In the summer of 2015, I decided to test the market by bringing my 25 year old Italian Balsamic to market.It began at the Frankfort Country Farmers Market in Frankfort, Illinois...I wasn’t sure if there was a market for a dressing using the Cadillac of all oils, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. I was pleasantly surprised that there IS a growing market for pure unadulterated dressings!

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